Saturday, July 30, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Dee Dee Taylor Eustace of Taylor Hannah

Happy Saturday! I, as you know, love flowers and might just have to open a charming little flower shop in my next life. They make me happy and I always try to have a small arrangement, bouquet or some floral beauty in my home. Particularly since we are not in our home, and in a rental with about half of our things in storage...I try to add small touches here and there to make it feel a little more like "home". Yesterday I was out and about so I swooped up two plants, found this beautiful little planter and voila, had a beautiful arrangement for a side chest in the kitchen......had to share since I really liked how it came out. (when planting orchids I love using a lot of moss and take little "squares" of moss and tie them with raffia on the stems, a tip I picked up from the "pros".
Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend, we have dinner plans, some chauffeuring to do for my son, invited on a friends boat tomorrow and other than that...hopefully we can turn down the pace a notch or two and enjoy some much anticipated weekend downtime.
On to Dee Dee Taylor Eustace of Taylor Hannah, I have admired their work for the last year or so after having discovered a gorgeous kitchen that Dee Dee designed. I looked further and was so impressed with their portfolio, created by the very firm that Dee Dee created and is today an multi award winning design firm. Very elegant spaces as evidenced by the pictures below. In my humble opinion, it  seems their signature look is the "new traditional" a traditional room with a more modern, less fussy, more streamlined feel. Many of the spaces have a slight transitional feel and they are all incredibly beautiful if you ask me! 
One thing is for sure, the work of Dee Dee and Taylor Hannah architects is consistently fabulous! Based in Toronto, Canada they travel all over to create beautiful spaces. Selected as one of the top 40 under 40 recipients, Dee Dee hosted the show on HGTV, Love by design, in case you are thinking the name might sound familiar!  I would be thrilled to call any of these spaces home. See what you think.... Dee Dee is highly regarded for her outstanding body of work that she and her namesake firm have created. Click here to visit their website. So, lets take a look! Could you possibly pick a favorite?

Now onto the beautiful spaces by Dee Dee Taylor......
This is one sumptuous master!
Elegant and monochromatic, like the pop of dark from the piano and table
So soothing, serene and it!
Grand sized space is a great fit for this beautiful transitional kitchen, love the high ceilings
Cozy and somehow grand feeling.......
Dressing would become a full time job in this closet, by choice of course!
This is an eclectic little space, the table is so unique!
Dramatic, dark and divine!
I would never be brave enough to paint my cabinets green but I have to admit this is awfully pretty!
Sweet and romantic guest room, fit for a princess
Elegant old world feeling space, very inviting at the same time...
This is another very grand and elegant country kitchen, check out the beadboard ceiling
I like the over sized subway going all the way up.....clean and perfect for boys!
This is a darling room, so sweet!
Drama how the gold pops against the deep dark woods
The rich dark chocolate brown gives this room such a luxurious feel with a slight masculine edge
I adore this kitchen, the light and dark, the double row of cabinets....beautiful!
Always loved this bath! So elegant and serene
Ample seating in this sitting area off the kitchen is so welcoming
Beautiful dining the inset mirror in the panels
Love how open the shower feels with the glass on three sides....
An interesting mix of modern, transitional and old world European...
This is such a fresh and inviting bedroom, love the fabric on the headboard!
This is a perfect example of how beautifully they blend styles within a room

So what do you think of their style? Like it? Love it? Do you have a favorite room? It would be hard to pick a favorite but I do like and enjoyed seeing their take on the "new traditional", slightly less stuffy, more streamlined, fresh colors, sleeker feeling...its a great look and very much in sync I think with how people like to live today. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!