Friday, July 1, 2011

Designer spotlight: Sandra Nunnerly

Happy Friday! We are off to a huge lacrosse tournament in Maryland and will return on Sunday hopefully in time to make it to a BBQ- Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!  I first discovered Sandra's work because someone I know used her firm to decorate her magnificent home. I was most impressed with the cohesive but incredibly elegant decor throughout her large but very inviting home. It was undoubtedly very sophisticated but felt "homey" to me which I believe is an important hallmark for any designer designing a home for a family in particular. 
This is afterrall a place where a family has to live day to day, not a museum to house beautiful objects to admire from afar. After looking at her very impressive body of work, Sandra has clearly demonstrated her incredible knack and talent for very sophisticated interiors and not just traditional ones though those are my personal favorites. Her talent  takes her all over the globe but most of her work is done here in the U.S. I think her incredible work speaks for itself, so let me show you what this amazing designer can do! Could you possibly pick a favorite room? It would be hard for me, but there are a few standouts to me, loving that chinoiserie gray/blue room and love this first image, but its too hard to pick a favorite. How about you?

This is a beautiful space, love the scale but its still remarkably cozy

Very elegant foyer, always like the use of antique mirror

Now THIS is what I call a wine cellar!
That paper...dreamy!!

Fabulous apartment high in the sky...a real showstopper!

This is a bedroom that would be hard to leave!

Love how quietly elegant this bathroom is

Always a sucker for banquette seating

Such an elegant bathroom

Love everything about this fabulous room
This space is incredible, love that window!

So what do you think? Can you see why I am such a fan? Her interiors are uber elegant and so beautiful, but they are at the same time, rooms I can see myself living in, not museum like spaces that are meant for looking but not touching and enjoying. I think she is one talented lady and I for one, am a big fan of her firms work. Do you have a favorite room? All of the bathrooms are heavenly! Have a wonderful day!