Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How many are your pet peeves? Here are 36 of mine!

Good morning! Don't know about where you are, but we have been experiencing a heat wave, the temperatures in the high nineties wtih humidity that could turn even the straightest hair curly. Today we are supposed to get relief.....finally! 
Venturing a little off course today, but we have to spice things up in life, right? I occasionally am tempted  to venture off the course of design and decor every now and then so hope you understand. Change is fun and good! I realized the other day when I was watching someone ignorantly make me a sandwich in a deli WITH NO GLOVES that my list of pet peeves is extensive and growing fast!! It got me  thinking about all my hangups, many I think I share with others but some I wonder if its just me who is too picky, discerning or detail oriented or if its a legitimate gripe. So I decided to list my current list of pet peeves, I am sure there are a few that I left out and that can change hour to hour but for the most part these are the things for now that really bug me. In fact this could easily become an ongoing series with how many I am adding to my collection on a seemingly daily  Would love to know what you think! Whats your biggest pet peeve?

And now I present to you my  ever growing list of pet peeves,  I know some of these  will make you smile and you will nod your head with having had the same one time or another!

1.When you are at a place of business, need a pen to sign your credit card receipt and they take it from behind their ear (yuck) and hand it to you...gross!

2.People who stick their cell phones automatically on the table FIRST while you are supposed to have a leisurely lunch (sometimes they even do this before they say hi to you, supposedly the person they are there to see) and the said phone does not move from table.

3.People who talk while they are chewing their food.

4.Cashiers, while ringing you up,  who suspend the item in mid air, which they are supposed to be scanning, while they hold a conversation about their weekend plans with a fellow cashier. (this always happens of course when you are rushing to be somewhere).Then they slowly start to scan the item, UNTIL the other cashier comes back with a question to your cashier, in which case the "suspension of your items in midair" happens all over again-and if you dare say something, you get the evil eye (of course this always happens when you REALLY need to get out of there!  They CANNOT obviously talk and scan at the same time...personally I think it should be mandatory from now on when hiring cashiers, do the "scan and talk test".

5.Someone next to you talking on the phone with let's say a mutual acquaintance and then saying "insert YOUR NAME, is dying to talk to you, hold on" (to get themselves out of having to talk) and then proceeds to hand you the phone while you are wondering how she got the impression you want to talk to the person in the first place

6.People who work in a food related business who are handling food (that you are going to eat) who don't  use gloves, typically  the same person who after having a pen or pencil behind their greasy ear all day hand you the same said object to sign a receipt with...YUCK!

7.Being in a hotel room, ANY hotel room and seeing kids play around and wrestle on the gross carpet or even grosser bed comforters..seeing their mouths/faces touch those are sooooooooooooooo gross ( and with 3 boys suffice to say I have seen A LOT of these wrestling matches)

8.Being at a stop light, casually looking over at the car next to you and seeing  someone going to town picking their nose (happened yesterday and let's just say it was not pretty)

9.Seeing a  50 plus woman squeeze herself into a velour "name brand"  sweatsuit and Ugg or furry boots....sad is the only word that comes to mind, sorry but seriously act and dress your age.

10. Chivalry is not dead. A man who doesn't do the basic things like hold a door for a lady, or seeing a man sitting down while a lady is standing, and not offering his seat, etc....maybe being brought up with an exceptionally chivalrous father and being married to an equally gracious man has my alert on full blast but this is a definite peeve of mine.

11.A really bratty kid.......not attractive no matter how cute the kid might be.

12. Driving in the fast lane behind someone who is doing 30 when the speed limit is 50 and then to finally be able to pass them only to see them on their cell phones oblivious to the world around them

13.Slow people(as in slow thinking people),  for give them a phone number, and when you are done saying the seven digits, as an example (eight,two,four, sixty one, thirty three) and  are moving on the next topic to find out they are still processing the second digit of the number~!

14.Someone who always seems to have a blackberry emergency, hence answering every text or call that comes their way during a lunch or dinner no matter who is there (we all know people who fit this description)

15.Someone who tells the waiter upon immediately sitting down for a meal in a restaurant, to hold the bread at the table without consulting the others, and tells him to put all dressings on the side, making sure you feel like an utter pig if you ask for bread or dressing on your salad (though normally that doesn't stop
16,PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs

17.People who talk overly loud (on their cell phone) in public places, like we care what they are doing Friday night or how their eight year old Junior "broke up" with his girlfriend and is having a "rough time" or how they hate their new manicurist...WE DO NOT CARE!!!!

18.People who constantly break plans or forget you had them in the first place (buying them an organizer or date book is a subtle but helpful hint)

19.People who are consistently 15-20 minutes late and have the worlds greatest excuse EVERY TIME! 

20.When you are talking on the phone with a friend and one of her kids comes on the other line while you are talking and begins an entire conversation with said child totally ignoring the fact that you are still very much on the phone....sometimes carrying on about plans that the child has, or sports schedules, which often develops into a full blown conversation between mom and child while you sit there as though you have nothing better to do.I have NO patience for this.

21.When you ask someone how they like your new haircut or color or look and they reply "Well if you like it, then I like it" (Now tell me how you really feel)

22.Parents who are overly aggressive at sporting events for kids, constantly shouting in your ear at their child, the coach or entire team

23.You enjoy a dish that a friend has served, ask for the recipe and then she changes it ever so slightly as to make sure yours can't possibly come out as good as hers

24.Table hopping at restaurants, (aka those that cannot stay in their seats for an entire course) but feel they need to "spread the love" and stop by to talk to everyone they know,  these are the same people who enjoy spending all day Saturday in a hair salon, station hopping, seeing to be seen

25.Your kids friends who don't say thank you when you have taken them out for lunch, dinner, movies or bought them something...........drives me mad! (often the same kids who think nothing of opening your refrigerator, cabinets, making themselves a sandwich and barging into your bedroom while you are dressing) Thankfully my son no longer hangs out with that kid!

26.Friends who think its OK to acknowledge a gift you have carefully chosen and put much thought into,  by  "thanking you"  in an email or text message, is a 1 minute conversation or voice message to SAY thanks asking too much?

27. Being in a supermarket, rushing as always, only to watch the person in front of you, watch the cashier ring up each and every item, all the while they are piling up at the end of the belt...THEN when she is finally done only then does it dawn on her to pull out her wallet and search for her credit card or cash, and only THEN does she proceed to watch the cashier frantically load up all the groceries, not lifting a hand to help out, she just watches and occasionally might interrupt to let the cashier know that she is making them too heavy. This is normally the same person who after said process, will then slowly move her cart away only to pause and remember to put her credit card back in her wallet....UGH!!!!!!!!

27.Social climbers......UGH!! Can't stand them and unfortunaely we all know them, this goes hand in hand with number 32. Be yourself, trust me the people who will like you and seek your company for WHO you really are, are the kind that will make good friends in the long run. I avoid them like the plague personally!

28, People who break or change plans in a text or email, pick up the darn phone!

29. People are adore their own kids just a little too much, hence the mom whose son picks up a insect and examines it only to hear the mother claim" Junior has what it takes to be a vet when he gets older" or their little darling who picks at a scab is destined to be the next great plastic surgeon...give me a break!

30.We all have friends who think they are the end all-be all in the food/wine dept. I have enjoyed thoroughly serving a very average priced bottle of wine to my "wine aficionado friends" who naturally thinking I would serve them nothing than a very good bottle, hold up the glass, while going through the wine tasting protocol, claiming that this is "the good stuff".....I still smile when I think of their reaction after breaking the news that it was a 29.00 bottle of cheap wine for the local much for their "extensive knowledge"., in a desperate rush to make a quick dessert for unexpected friends whom consider themselves "foodies" I quickly put together a Duncan Hines cake mix, threw it in the oven and took it out about 10 min early, to get the "molten chocolate" effect (translation-gooey chocolate in the middle) Not only was it inhaled but it was hailed as and I quote "the best molten chocolate cake they had ever eaten".....(No, I never told them my secret for I am still considered to be the queen of molten chocolate cake and being a non cook really enjoy the credit, sorry Duncan Hines!) And there is no way I am giving up that title!

31.Getting a automated recording at whatever company you are calling (and these days its ALL companies) they ask you for your account number, then last four digits of social and sometimes even your phone number, after your fingers are exhausted from all the inputting, you finally hit the jackpot and get a live person and then they ask you for.....your account number, your social and your phone number!!!!  I always want to ask and what was point in my spending 4 minutes putting into the "automated system"? But then I am afraid they won't appreciate my attitude, after all I am only the measly customer and they might hang up on you! (Ever catch yourself yelling at the phone? Yep, me too)!

32.People who play to their audience......remember no matter who you try to "reinvent" yourself to be, not everyone's going to like you you might as well be yourself and that way you won't have to keep track of the person you are pretending to be! 

33. PLEASE do not be offended by this, but word verification on comment boxes in blogs, sorry its just a pet peeve of mine. I fail to really "get" why they are there again no offense and it most certainly does not stop me from visiting many of my favorites!

34. Obnoxious patrons in a restaurant who talk down to those serving them. I have NO patience for this!!

35. No manners or bad manners, maybe because I grew up in a household that really stressed good manners, and having a mother who is a truly graceful lady, I just have no tolerance for anyone who doesn't have proper manners, doesn' know when to say thank you, please, and lacks proper but basic etiquette. A huge pet peeve of mine.

36. Name droppers (typically of the same ilk as the social climber) These are the people that have to name any remotely famous person they saw or met, cannot tell you they are going to drop off their car for service, its dropping off the Mercedes for service, not having to alter a new dress, its altering "the Oscar" , its not going to a hotel for the weekend, its going to "The Pierre", or not that they lost their glasses, its that they lost "their Chanels", we get it you like your brands and they define you.

So........... how many of these were you nodding your head to? Unfortuanely I seem to have a lot of pet peeves aka hangups. And if I had more time I guarantee I could easily come up wtih another dozen or so. But seriously I am sure you have to agree many of these are very legitimate!  Would love to know and if you have any to add!!