Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Living rooms to lust after!

A happy Wednesday to you!.. In continuing my posts on rooms that I am loving, today its all about that highly mysterious, rarely used but oh so deserving room, the elusive living room! Yes that one room that we typically spend most of our budget, all of our brainpower and talents and at least as much energy and time on decorating only to use once or twice a year! I am no exception, believe me,  but hopefully this time around will make a point to use it a bit more than I did in my old house. Admittedly, it was a room I pretty much never went into except to sit down and marvel at how beautiful things looked, and wonder why we never used it! In any case, whether its enjoyed to its fullest or not, the living room is nonetheless a beautiful room and one that generally showcases our personal design and taste. There is no one winning combination, and I have a true appreciation for living rooms of many styles, colors and feels. So today is all about some seriously beautiful living rooms...any secrets to creating a gorgeous living room that you want to share? Do tell!  For fun I "named" each of these "who" is your favorite?

Sophia.....Classic and timeless, the neutrality works beautifully here, Sandra Nunnerly

Meredith...Soft tones accented with a gorgeous blue is quite stunning, Palms Design Group
Carrie..Love the tufted sofa and the calm quiet elegance that abounds, Massusco, Warner Miller
Pamela....McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier
Claire....Nothing about this fabulous room I don't love! Arch Digest
Andrea.....This is an architecturally amazing room, Slovack Bass
Beth.....Love this quietly elegant, subdued but stunning living room, photo by Andreas Trauttmansdorf
Chloe....Beautiful transitional space by Jan Showers
Carmella....Yes its very formal, but it still manages to feel inviting and cozy, Michael Siller
Elizabeth...Bear Hill created this wonderfully serene and beautiful living room
Charlotte....Stunning rich textiles add elegance and grandeur to this fabulous living room, accessories are kept to a minimum, House Beautiful
Carolyn....Adore this fabulous monochromatic uber elegant living room, Traditional Home
Ava.....A beautiful cheery yellow chinoiserie gives this living room a lively lift! Janet Simon
Jennifer.....Understated white simplistic beauty, Belclaire House blog
Christina....A classically beautiful living room high in the sky in NY
Monique...This is a great space with the iron windows and soaring glass, all works! Summerour
Margot....Splendor in green, Barry Dixon
Abigail...Love the colors in this living room, and love that secretary on the far wall, BHG
Grace....Luxuriousness and opulence become one, McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier
Phoebe...This is an eclectic mix of colors but it works, Melanie Elston
Olivia....Love the scale of this stunner of a living room by Bunny Williams
Isabella....Love this timeless room by Joseph Minton
Isabelle....Something about those pale taupe walls and taupe upholstery that is just gorgeous! Arch Digest
Ava.....One of my favorite shades of green, Michael Siller
Amelia.....This is one gorgeous living room, Elin Martin
Brooke.....Beautiful soft beiges and blonde woods are stunning, Palm Designs
Emily....Yes, its chock full of "stuff" but its lots of beautiful stuff!! Mario Buatta
Kate....Jan Showers designed this fabulously elegant and tonal living room, love the antiqued mirror
Alexandra.....Then you have the over the top green chinoiserie-d walls of Winfield! Breathtaking....

And a little recap.......
So what do you think? "Who"speaks most to you? Do you have a favorite style living room? Any secrets that you want to share are welcome here!! So hope you enjoy a wonderful day!