Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Showhouse, and you're invited!!

Good morning, I feel like summers lazy, slower paced days are slipping away, and I am not liking that. The official event that tells me summers sweet days won't last forever is when I start to see back to school supplies.....ugh! With the time, like an hour glass slowly fading away...I am suddenly craving more than ever a seriously relaxing getaway. As we are in the home stretch of building our house, that is highly unlikely (best I can hope for is a few days at the beach) so I am taking a virtual fantasy trip today....all the homes today are incredibly grand, the first house being in the Bahamas has me longing for a lazy, "do as I please" weekend, going there would suit me just fine, then we move onto two equally grand homes in their own right, and again with spaces so over the top.....a weekend there would be heaven. Come take a look.....

CA'LIZA BAHAMAS, I have always loved this home. This magnificent Island colonial home is named after the owners daughter, Eliza. This is just the epitome of understated Island sophistication. Just a glorious home with a soothing and pale palette to promise the most welcoming and relaxed ambiance. The open shutter windows to allow the island breezes are in every room with a large loggia off of the back facing the ocean. Does it get any dreamier than this? I think not!

Love the exterior, very tall but not imposing, of course the shutters add so much
Now this is what I call a loggia!

I love the tranquility of this space, I can see this being a cozy spot to indulge in a great book
What a view, will have my afternoon cocktail here, thank you!
Soft and tonal, neutral dining room
Love the kitchen too....
How about this bedroom? So chic....

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA Then we travel to the west coast and to gorgeous Newport Beach, perched high on the hill to take full advantage of the majestic water views, this rather opulent home is quite impressive. Though the interior furnishings do not reflect my personal style, and think they are overdone,  I am still wowed by this house and the exteriors and grounds/views are beyond incredible. With a few improvements and furniture changes here and there, this is and could be ones ultimate dream home. I would however want to live outside, I am just mesmerized by that setting.
You know with an entrance like this...something fabulos lies beyond!

Love an interior courtyard
Would want to do a redo here
Not a huge fan of red dining rooms, just my personal opinion
This is a cozy family room, I like the grays and soft tones
The kitchen looks really pretty and open, with big open doors and windows to the outside
A bathroom fit for a queen and as I typed this sure enough..there is a tiara over there!
Love the way this loggia is done.....overlooking the pool
Breathtaking don't you think?
Oh the meals we would enjoy here.......this is where I would spend all my time
Quite spectacular.....perched way high up on the hill it takes full advanatage of the water views
Something about a house at dusk with all the lights on...its magical!
This is too much! I would go cross eyed, not sure if I should stare at the water view or the TV! (But I suppose I could get used to it, haha)
Oh and did I mention there is a dock and landing for your yacht? You do have one, don't you?

LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS. This older elegant estate home is an understated manor that has been lovingly restored and maintained. What I love here, is whether or not its your taste,that they stayed true to the integrity of the home when they undertook the renovation and followed through with equally appropriate decor. I think it happens to be quite beautiful and certainly very grand. The formal gardens are dreamy and overall this is a very special and stately home. Step inside!

Beautiful elegant and stately living room (love the wall color, a sand color)
Love this fabulous wide gallery/hallway off the main foyer
Updated fresh English style kitchen perfect for big get togethers!

Formal, wood paneled library for your reading pleasure
Don't you love this hallway? I do!

Increidble formal Parterre gardens are a perfect setting for afternoon coffee

A beautiful pond filled with looks like Carp fish grace the beautiful gardens

Three incredible homes...any of which I would be thrilled to live in. I do love the first one for its light, airy but so sophisticated Island feel...then that second ones views and grounds are just out of this world not to mention that the entrance isn't too shabby either, and last the understated elegance of the last one cannot be discounted, it is quietly fabulous. Do you have a favorite? Love to know! Have a great Sunday!