Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Showhouse, you're invited!! And a guest post!

Hi everyone! First off I was asked to guest post today for Julia over at Black Tag Diaries blog to talk about cozy spaces. She has such a wonderful blog, always something interesting going on over there. Her interests run the gamut from photography to decor, to crafts and more. Please visit me over at Black Tag Diaries, click here to visit. Thanks Julia!

 So happy its Sunday, aren't you? My "day off" to do as I please, we are headed to a BBQ later but until then I plan on just hanging around and taking it easy. We were supposed to go on a very good friends gorgeous boat Friday (she has wonderful taste) and I hope to photograph it one day but the weather was so stormy and we were unable to go. Then yesterday a friend showed me their brand new boat which is pretty over the top and truly amazing.....and this got me on a "boat kick" so today our showcases are all on gorgeous, dreamy, out of this world boats yachts! Hey, one can dream, right? If you are going to dream, might as well go all the way!

Welcome to "Illusion" where the elegance and beauty you see is no illusion, its very real! How classic, sleek and elegant is this baby? I could happily reside in this fabulous yacht as it rivals many luxurious homes! What do you think, Interiors are by Bannenberg Design

Give me a stack of  magazines, a few books I am dying to read and you won't hear a peep!
Is that a Roy Lichentstein I spy in the dining room?

Wow this marble bathroom is nicer than most homes!
Could dining be any dreamier than this spot right here?

Now we board Cyan decorated by Nina Seirafi, it is majestic, and gorgeous every bit a luxurious rival to these others! It is 160 luxurious feet and is owned/shared by three families who spend equal amounts of time combing the seas...thats a neat idea! Love all the rich dark climb aboard!
The navy on this beauty is so regal!

Talk about a room with a view!

I could see engaging in some fierce Scrabble games at this cozy spot with a view!

Last we sail away into the sunset on a majestic sailing boat, Phocea. This racing boat had its interiors done by Jorg Beiderbeck. They look like they belong to a formal Georgian estate! All the gorgeous blonde wood is so luxurious and makes it feel so "home like". A very grand and elegant vessel indeed.  All aboard.......

Now THIS is what I call dining al fresco!
The wood that abounds is so luxurious and elegant

I will have my coffee breaks right here!

I don't think getting sea sick on such incredible vessels is at all possible. How amazing are these? If you had to cruise the Caribbean for a week on one of these bad boys, do you have a clear cut favorite? Do tell! Enjoy your Sunday!