Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays and house updates!!

Good morning, I can't believe its already Thursday. Don't know about you but here in the northeast we are bracing for a serious dose of heat. They are expecting heat indexes to hit 105 or more, which I know is what some parts of the country have been experiencing for weeks! It is unbelievable and so oppressive. Makes you want to stay inside and not budge but fat chance of that happening! Stay cool if you are in the heatwaves path and make sure you stay hydrated. This week has been a busy one with lots going on over at the house, its officially crunch time but the exciting thing is every little thing happening now is pure eye candy, the icing on the cake, the long awaited aesthetics and lets be honest this is when the fun really begins ( a lot of work too but you won't hear any complaints from me). I have my days where it feels like the looooong home stretch will never end, but admittedly lately when I visit I can finally see myself living there, not just visiting! I think largely because the kitchen is going in and the vanities are due to be delivered to most of the bathrooms this week as well. The end is near......I have waited over three years to say that! So here is what I am loving this week.........

FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS FROM MY VERY OWN YARD. This time of year, all kinds of things are blooming. I can always rely on my trusty old friend, the ever so hardy and consistent hydrangea to provide me with countless small arrangements to place throughout the house. One day after a bouquet of flowers I had received had "expired' I put the lily plant outside, not thinking twice.....well suddenly that "dead plant" from a year ago surprises me one morning with a huge stalk just chock full of gorgeous lilies!! What a nice surprise! So I took some of those lilies and made up a few small arrangements with the hydrangeas and put them in my little trusty blue and whites (best $20 I ever spent) and I am quite happy with the result. Professional flower arranger I am not, but enthusiastic, willing learner and experimenter I am!

The "surprise" peeking out from behind the hostas!

The hydrangeas begging to be brought inside to escape from the heat!

Love the colors!

HOUSE UPDATES. The buzz word this week is KITCHEN! So exciting to see it going up, and I am loving every tiny inch of this baby! It is so far exactly as I had envisioned and I couldn't be happier with it. I am also so happy I insisted that we change from the coffered ceiling to the beams, to me they will 'make" the kitchen, well that and the floors. And the European range. Oh and the limestone hood! But then the cabinets are pretty amazing too....oh well its a collaborative effort!! Much is going on this week. Other big news is that I finally chose the marble slabs, it was a big production to choose 8 slabs. The slabs are quite gorgeous, and the next time you see them you will see them on the countertops installed and ready for some use!
Then the woodworking continues as does the limestone for covered porch, so have a look.....

Just starting to add the little scrolls on either side of the dormer (see far left dormer right scroll)
The stone for countertops

These 2 pieces are for the center island
They will be bookmatched

This is part of what will be the refrigerator unit hutch
The sink wall

Beams in family room

I like the beadboard detailing....

Back stair hall.....railing and posts are getting put in.
I love the beefiness of the bottom post, our woodworker rocks!

The limestone porch nearly done...
From the inside, the balustrades got installed....

AN AMAZING FARM TO TABLE RESTAURANT. Ever been to Blue Hills at Stone Barns? Its such a treat for every sense, it is totally gorgeous, is on a working farm, and the food is out of this world. The dining room is along the lines of  Hudson Valley meets Napa Valley, super elegant and low key but not trying too hard. I love that Napa vibe and they nail it here! They offer one of two tasting menus which I believe was a nine course dinner, I got to try all kinds of things I have never tried or didn't have to guts to try and loved literally every morsel that went into my mouth! Dessert was the crowning touch to a decadent and beautiful meal. Lucky me, we are going in Sept. for a friends birthday...cannot wait! Here are some highlights, best to arrive early so you can take a tour of the farm. Click here to find out more!

A GREAT ENTERTAINING BOOK. Hard to top the southerner's reputation for being a wicked party planner and thrower. This book surely supports that reputation beautifully. Just got it from Amazon and drooled over every page...a must read for anyone who enjoys setting a pretty table or thinking up excuses to throw a party!  Click here to order Gracious Tables.

ARTE ITALICA. Love this line and practically faint over it every time I see it. Their line is extensive and features everything from pewter pieces, to gorgeous fine china, elegant lead crystal and flatware. Plus they have added many more accessories and serving pieces to their line recently. Gorgeous is a serious understatement. What do you think? Click here to indulge your curiosity.

GLORIOUS HAMPTONS The Hamptons truly has something for is a little flavor of what its all about........and yes it REALLY is this gorgeous! The Hamptons has EVERYTHING, from stunning world class beaches, charming out of a postcard picture perfect towns, incredible restaurants, hundred year old farms still family owned selling their fresh produce, pristine golf courses, beautiful people, outrageous beach "cottages", a world class horse show, art museums, The Hampton Classic, and they even boast their own film festival!! So there is truly something for everyone in this fabulous playground......these pictures depict what it really looks like, yes it really is that beautiful!

Love this place!

Yep even has their own film festival!
If you love looking at houses....get ready for the likes of which you have never seen!

Nothing says Hamptons more than privet hedges
A favorite Hamptons indulgence....the yummy lobster roll!

Well what do you think? Anything particularly appeal to you? Anything you are loving this week that you want to share? Please tell us! Wishing you a terrific Thursday!