Monday, July 4, 2011

A tribute to an old fashioned July 4th.....

Happy July 4th! Have been gone since late late night as  I normally feature my "Sunday showhouse"on Sunday morning so will be back with it next Sunday.  Hope everyone is well, happy and relaxed. Whatever your plans are and have been over this holiday weekend...hope the weather is cooperating. So far, so beautiful over this way. We are going to two parties later today, but I will take the earlier part of the day to "veg out" which I am so looking forward to!

When I think of July 4th I cannot help but think about old fashioned July 4th parades in a small quaint town, beautiful white clapboard homes draped in their red white and blue best,  homemade fruit pies from this seasons best fruits, family togetherness, cute kids in red chipped wagons waving their little American flags with a dog by their side and of course the quintessential July 4th BBQ!!  I think the words old fashioned and July 4th are synonymous, at least to me and its an ideal I want to hang onto. Life today moves so fast that I get great pleasure as  I would suspect many of you do too, in reliving things from the past, as they once were, a time where time did stand still and life was simpler.  So this post is all about an old fashioned tribute to July 4th....enjoy! 
This is to me the poster child for a beautiful and patriotic home on July 4th
Delicious time to take advantage of the seasons freshest fruits!
Even the youngest revelers can show their July 4th spirit!
Just love this gorgeous and very festive party tent!
Love the idea of making a flag out of cupcakes, so clever!
Love how nostalgic looking this old fashioned setting charming!
Whats more American than a mixed berry pie?
Love the idea of creating an old fashioned party pail!
Makes a fun and festive party  table.....
Love the vintage looking "sweater" flag pillow

A pretty Victorian homes proudly waves its flag
Cute idea and easy to do with cupcakes, Kaboose
July 4th is a time for every age (and every vehicle) to celebrate!
And if you are just "hanging" get a little festive in the backyard! Ashley Whittaker
An old fashioned school house shows its patriotism
Patriotic pancakes, anyone?
A lone flag at the beach, a place many will be on this holiday
Gotta have those fireworks!!
Just love this idea!!
Why not show your patriotism on your bed? Love this little RL flag pillow
July 4th is synonymous with BBQ...lets eat!
Love this image, a charming home in all its red white and blue glory!
A great way to end this post.......

So whats in store for your July 4th holiday? Hope whatever you are doing is wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable! Happy July 4th.....see you on Tuesday!!