Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well hellooooo blogland! Wow what a ride,  courtesy of Irene!! Here in NY, we were hit pretty hard, mostly from downed trees taking out all kinds of wires and cables which resulted in cutting  approx 500,000 people out of electricity, cable and Internet access!!! We have had power off and on for the last few days but just got my beloved Internet about two hours ago!! I sooooooooooo missed being here in blogland, and want to send out a sincere thanks to so many of you who emailed me to check up on how we were doing...I cannot begin to tell you how touched I was/am. So, 2 books, several glasses of wine, one too many afternoon siestas (purely out of boredom),10 sore fingers from texting family and friends, countless boxes of cookies and bags of chips, several candlelit meals,and many many prayers I am back at The Enchanted Home!! And oh what a relief it is! This post is one which I had worked on last week to post one day this week so seeing that there is no time like the present....

Well truth is I think its fairly obvious why anyone would want to go to Paris, at any given time. It is to me, the most spectacularly beautiful city in the world, with the most breathtaking architecture, which boasts of incredible food and gastronomy bar none, their innate fashion sense is off the charts, they understand the pleasure of really living life and their language sounds like a perfect melody regardless of what they are saying......did I  mention the food? Oh yea, got that covered. When we were there last time, we had the great pleasure of visiting the Maison Objet show and I shared a very lengthy post coming off the heels of that wonderful trip with you. But as I was going through my online album trying to clean it up a bit, trying being the operative word, I suddenly found myself yearning to be back in that magical city and really loving all my pictures (most from the show). There are few places that I have been in this world that I feel this way about but there I do. So though this is really random, I wanted to share again some of the highlights from the beauty of the city, to the mouth  watering window displays of French patisseries, to all the divine goodies at the show (actually this is but a smidgen of what I saw) but it will certainly whet your appetite!!

The Christopher Guy showroom
Loved the marble mantles
Something about this moss green velvet...fabulous!
Blue and white always catches my eye!
This limed oak was everywhere
Gorgeous French company small family owned and produced,
Loved their elegant and timeless
Another mantle..a stunner!

Love this butchers block and still want to find a place for one!
And this one too!
If I had a beach house, would love these chairs and table for it..
Saw lots of fun and whimsical displays
Loved the marble bath in our hotel room....
Always adored this wall of blue and white plates!

A gorgeous hand made ladies writing desk
Talk about a statement piece!! I could see this on a black and white marble checkerboard floor...
Fell in love with this burl walnut chest....
Black rules!
How stunning was this setting? Magnifique!

A cool beach house or Manhattan apt. vibe....
Love a really tall bookcase
Beautiful heirloom quality chest
The Phillipe Starc Baccarat limited edition chandelier
I loved all the paneling in the hallway of our hotel
And our room wasn't too bad either.....
At every turn, there was something pretty to admire
A Parisian street, like no other!
Even on a dreary winter stunning is this city?
In fact i think its at its most beautiful when enveloped in a gray shroud
The beautiful Seine......ahhhh, this so has me wanting to return for our evening strolls here!
A few mantles we admired at an antiques shop, unfortunately when we came back to measure neither size worked

What more approrpriate note to end this on then a mouth watering display of French macaroons?

Does this make you want to go too? Have you been to Paris? Do you feel the same way I do about this incredible city......If not whats your favorite city? Anything above strike your fancy or knock your socks off? Always love to know. Once again SO HAPPY to back here...I truly missed it!  Have a wonderful evening.....and be back tomorrow!!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty posts to ponder, part II AND Irene is coming!

Hi there and happy Friday! First want to say to anyone who is in the path of that meanie, safe and hope you will take the precautions that the our local authorities and the government are advising. I am not one to ever get too worked up over things like this, however this time I am taking it a bit more seriously and erring on the side of caution. Just to be sure, I am stocked up on my candles, batteries, flashlights, dry food and water. I made the very brave move of going to the local market this morning where some were acting like the Apocalypse was arriving at our doorstep any minute.
Then in the 2 minutes it took me to unload my groceries to my car, I kid you not, I witnessed TWO fender benders in the mayhem that ensued in the crazy loony toon zone parking lot. Seriously, it is scary but this is when people need to remain calm. All I kept thinking was get me home in one piece! There was not a water bottle to be had, forget a case, but I have 3 at home so think I am fine. How about you? Is this affecting you where you are?  Hoping this will have a lesser impact than what they are predicting and come Monday morning we will all go back to normal! But if for some reason you don't hear from me on Monday or Tuesday it will be because of lost power ..... and you know just who to blame!

Quick side note..did anyone recieve their 10 lb arm weights Restoration Hardware new catalog entitled "Fall 2011 source book", it is GINORMOUS, my poor mailbox could barely hold it!

I am back with another fabulous round of posts to ponder. Figured its a perfect weekend to spend inside and catch up on some fantastic posts you may have missed! Think of this as a mini awards show handing out blog awards to different bloggers for exceptionally beautiful and well done posts that touched, awed or wowed me in some way. Of course there are many many more, that I have saved in my little treasure trove of keepers but those will come out in the next round. These are all winners and I think you will be very happy to take a little break and go through each and every one.

Truth is, on any given day there are so many fabulous posts to bookmark that are worth saving so this is a drop in the bucket of all the goodness. If there is a particular post you have seen that you felt this way about and want to share, let me know about it in the comments section! Always fun to discover something, new, beautiful, informative and inspirational. I am headed to the house (where else) for a few appts. and then coming back to "batten down the hatches". Wishing you a wonderful day and now those posts I am talking about.......stay safe to anyone in Irene's path!

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PLEASE visit this and PLEASE watch the video. I PROMISE you that you will be glad you did (get a tissue)
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Would love for you to let me know which you loved after you have visited some or all! Wishing you well, enjoy your weekend and most important stay safe to all those in Irene's path!