Wednesday, August 3, 2011

32 Spectacular spaces to swoon over.........

Good morning..cannot believe its already Wednesday! Where is the time going? With it already being Aug.3rd, I feel the pressure to make sure August brings me some summer fun and relaxation, haven't had enough and that's what summer is all about! So much has been going on, the house is in full swing, keeps me busy every waking moment (and plenty of non waking ones too) but admittedly, I have been really stressed lately. This whole "not being in our own home" has at last reached a threshold and I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately, and as much progress as is being made, there is still A LOT to do. But God willing we can move in end of Aug. or beginning of Sept. and though we will still have tons of work being done, at least we will be there and I think will feel like "the old me" and finally like my feet are planted at home sweet home. (I will be doing cartwheels when that happens...OK maybe not cartwheels, but skipping is a little more realistic) 
I do try to find inspiration and keep on thinking happy thoughts by throwing myself into the decorating decisions that are now on my doorstep. Beautiful spaces never cease to amaze me in how inspired and uplifted I feel when seeing them. Being a very visual person, I often resort to my big (and growing by the second) online photo album for inspiration when I am considering designing a space or room. I love to periodically post what is inspiring me and today's pictures are post worthy in my book! I tend to be a traditional girl at heart with an old world flair but with add a little twist! I do however appreciate so many styles and I continuously surprise myself at how my taste has evolved especially since joining blog world  about 7 months ago...feels like a lifetime! So today in no random order and for no specific reason other than that each of these rooms are fabulously beautiful or are 32 spectacular spaces to swoon over! A few are not "rooms" but they were impressive enough to include. Do you have a favorite?
I love every little inch of this incredible room
This is quite spectacular! Gorgeous window detailing and I love the white/dark combination and the beautiful white marble..beautiful
Love the gray cast to the sumptuous chinoiserie, Thomas Jayne
Ugh..if I had a closet like this, it gives new meaning to the word "closet hermit" and I might never come out!
Do kitchens get any more spectacular than this? Complete with their own statuary!
Love the creamy woodwork against the white marble...beautiful and timeless
Beautiful sitting area off of a master suite, Ann Tarrasoff
The blue and white against the oak is just so fresh and welcoming while still being very elegant!
This is pretty spectacular, don't you think, complete with a balcony!
Love the fresh beautiful elegant cabinetry painted in a soft white, Christians
How spectacular is this space? Perfection in my book
This is what a hamper should look like! Christians
Love the mix of old fashioned meets gorgeous functionality, Christians
Pretty beautiful, love the fireplace...great for year round use! Arch Digest
Grand bedroom fit for a queen....gorgeous French doors, Suzanne Tucker
Love the scale and the cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling
Interesting mix of stones and woods
This is pretty splendid!
Something so elegant about this, like the kind of retreat you wouldn't want to leave! Valerie Onor
Beautiful copper range with the creamy cabinets and teak top....stunning!
What a view......if this were mine this is where you would ALWAYS find me
Beautiful open airy space...imagine the parties you could have here....
Can't bear to miss your favorite show but need to take a shower? Install a TV in your shower!
This gives new meaning to a closet....equipped with their own washer and dryer! 
Love the rich warm woods and wire front cabinetry
How gorgeous is that window/door in this fabulous bathroom!
Ahhhhh..wish I could remember where I got this, would love to see more of this glorious room!
This is a beautiful transitional and grand space
Something about a moss green room speaks to me, how about you?
What a grand entrance to this Parisian apartment!!
Love the soft colors here, Belclaire blog
This is such a pretty and welcoming, soft kitchen. Love the feel and the lighting!

So do you have a favorite? I LOVE the first room but then there are so many others that I love too it would be impossible to name just one.  You know I always love to know what you are thinking and which would be your pick! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.