Friday, August 5, 2011

A little retail therapy and a lot of house biz!

Ahhhh....its the weekend, thankfully! This post features random musings about many topics mostly related to my home building. As we are inching our way towards moving, I am naturally starting to think of our new house as a place that we will actually live in, not just a construction site I visit a few times a day! While we are eager to call it home and make it feel like home, this is no small undertaking and we realize this will be done over a long period of time and will be a labor of love that will require much patience.
 However, there are a few rooms we are determined to finish soon after we move in, namely those rooms we will be living in most of the time. The kitchen, family room, breakfast room, my bedroom and my sons bedroom are all top priorities.. As much fun as it is to plan a living and dining room, these rooms right now are on the back burner, but in due time they will get their well earned attention too. So I have been spending a good amount of time looking at furniture, bedding, fabrics, wallpaper,etc......some days my head feels like its going to twist and literally spin off my head, and yet on other days I feel so in control and so in tune with what I am wanting. Below are just a bunch of random things I have seen that I am loving, some I bought and others considering. What do you think? Love your opinions!!!

A VISIT TO THE GORGEOUS SAFAVIEH SHOWROOM! Oh boy this really made my head spin but I tried to focus focus focus and lo and behold was able to actually concentrate enough to narrow down a few things! Their showroom is incredible, and has every conceivable brand and type of furnishing known to mankind. It is important to know what you are looking for, otherwise its VERY easy to get ridiculously sidetracked! Below are some of the things that I thought were so interesting and gorgeous, click here to visit them.

Am in love with this Kilim bench for a family room or library.....thoughts?
Love the worn faded effect......
The colors are sooo exquisite!
I just love this chair for my sons room! Thoughts?
So fun!
Something about cream with accents of black that always catches my eye
Such a pretty little arrangement, took a pic just for inspiration
Love this blue linen tufted bed....not the bedding but love love love the bed!
I thought this mirrored desk was so has a pale gold/silver antique leaf finish and its gorgeous!

THE MAKING OF A POWDER ROOM. Then I moved on to wallpaper....yes that endless nightmare paradise. Only problem for me is that there are so many incredible choices that it seems every time I turn around I am falling and falling hard for yet another beauty. But at the end of the day, you must think rationally and know that when you find something that you truly love, you should go with that first instinct. I do believe in them and therefore I have actually made a few choices!! Well almost, for my formal main powder room, I have ordered the floor below (LOVE IT) its a honey onyx "flower" with a white marble accent. I am definitely sold on the Schumacher paper which has a gorgeous metallic finish to it but then I saw a chinoiserie and it got me mildly confused. So, here is where all you "experts" come in.....want your opinion! Which do you like? Thanks in advance! I love a powder room to feel like a little jewel, have also enclosed pictures of the sconces and chandelier that will be going in give you an overall "visual". Thanks! (bear in mind I am going for a very formal powder room here)

Already bought these, which I love I can use these in this powder room or....
These...both beautiful, the chandalier I am using is the one below...

And deciding between one of these mirrors for above vanity....

CHAIRS FOR MY SITTING ROOM/MASTER BEDROOM. Looking for beautiful, French styled comfortable chairs and to find chairs that I don't even need to recover because the color works is amazing!! (not to say I won't eventually recover them but they certainly work well for now) So I have ordered two of these from Safavieh, I love it and look how beautifully it ties into the wallpaper I have selected for our room along with a few fabrics that work nicely....
And I had to share with you, my very first mood board! I was sooo excited to finally figure out how to put one together, albeit a basic one. But I will eventually add more layers to it, however for now...may I present "my master inspiration".....

A CHAIR FOR MY BATHROOM. I love these two chairs from Curry, and have always wanted a beautiful delicate french chair in my you have a preference between these two? Click here to visit Curry.

BATHROOM SCONCES FOR MY BATHROOM. Speaking of my bathroom I need sconces, though my bathroom will be one of the last to be completed (doing a good amount of woodwork) it will be painted a creamy white, has Calcutta Gold marble on the floors, and the vanity will be very similar looking to the one below (coloring wise) with polished nickel faucets. that you have this info, which sconce do you like?

SCONCE CONTENDERS ARE.....(have seen them all in person and they all come in the right finish and they all work)


(The back plate is crystal)

PAINT COLOR. I have gotten several emails asking about what color we used for paint and trim in the upstairs hallways/bedrooms. I decided to go very neutral, for two reasons, A. namely because I am making so many decisions simulataneouly, that going neutral was safe and easier than choosing colors and B. I am also intending to use wallpaper in  many of the bedrooms so the paint will be a non issue. In any case, we wanted a rich warm creamy white with white trim, so we went with trusty and much used Linen white, Arcadia white and White dove for the trim, all by good ol Benjamin Moore. It looks great and pretty much eliminates any second guessing.

So that's about it for my random musings.....obviously the house is VERY much on my mind and pretty much consumes my days (and nights) but its all in the name of getting it done and hopefully being able to move within the next 6-8 weeks which is very ambitious but I also believe in the power of positive thinking, and a few crossed fingers. (your prayers and good wishes can't hurt either)! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! Would love you to weigh in on any of the above....value your opinion greatly!