Friday, August 19, 2011

My take on the New York gift show!

Hi there.....I might be able to make it into the Guinness book of world records with how fast I went through this show. I normally like to go for one or two FULL leisurely  (whats that again) days and stroll along taking in all the fun, excitement and newness of whats hot in the marketplace. This time, I was challenged to  barely  be able to carve out not a full day but close to it to attend and was relieved for this little reprise from every day chaos!!
 Well, I will have you know I was on the phone more than I was looking at the great goods around me, and finally a few hours later when I started feeling the pressure of not being around the house with so much happening while I heavens forbid indulge my design whims, I went with my gut instincts which told me to get back.  Boo hoo. So after a short less than 3 hour stint at the I trotted to the construction site. But all was not lost, I made sure to find a few goodies before I packed it in..and below are a few of the highlights that I personally loved that appealed to me on this whirlwind with a capital W, tour!

Love signage and these from Spicher are just great.......
Their wonderful looking booth
You know my love for blue and this tray and figurines
OK, don't have a beach house but if I did I would so get these, love the antiqued mirror frames too
Thought these antique botanicals in pale blue and neutrals could be pretty for my sitting room
Close up, love the antiqued mirror frame
Mr. Brown always looks good, love that moss green velvet sofa
Never met a blue and white jar I didnt' love!
Beautiful the worn patina
Great lantern for an outdoor porch
These were really pretty, I thought a pair on a console for the holidays?
And the cooridinating single ball too, would be pretty on a stack of old books
Some of their other goodies

I normally don't like the containers but this one was quite pretty
This is fun for a kitchen
OK I fell in love with these and ordered them for my bedroom. If I end up not using them there, know I will surely find a happy home for these beauties!
These were so unique, shadow boxes that were huge, averaged sized 4x5, they were very well done, not right for my house but beautifully done, first time at show.

For a home that has a Tuscan theme (they will even allow you to send in your own bottles if you have favorites or want to make up labels with your name on them, etc....)

For a cozy, rustic farmhouse kitchen, so pretty!
This was going to be a joke, I was going to tell you that to switch things up a bit, I am using these as my new dining room chairs, how funny is this!
Loved this beautiful chair
Beautiful at a ladies writing desk or in a bathroom
Always drawn to the fresh appeal of blue and white

Love a collection of white ginger jars and pottery
I liked these and thought the navy was quite beautiful too!
Love this tall cake dome from of my favorite lines!
The etching makes it looks so vintage and antique-y.
Chelsea's display....
Pretty bench for the foot of a bed, love the pillows too
Beautiful chairs from Chelsea
Love this bench, featured it the other day
I love the embroidered pillows against the gingham
Great looking trio of chests
OK fell in love with this butchers block! You know I want one!

How beautiful is this monogram chair from Tara Shaw? Love!

Really liked this oversized beige linen tufted ottoman

The whole booth was beautiful and charming in all its neutral splendor

So that's my mini wrap up of the show. It was fun (well for the three hours I was there, two of which I think were spent on the phone) but am glad I got to go and see all the beautiful new goodies. What was your favorite item I showed here? Did you go and if so what were you loving? Love to know...wishing you a wonderful day!