Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!

Good morning. This has been a crazy busy week. So much going on at the house. We have our inspection in 2 days,  please cross your fingers and toes for us! We are supposed to be getting a temporary CO. The last few days literally have felt like a souped version of "Home extreme makeover", we have had so many people in and out, brought in extra crews and nearly all working over time. We have an exceptional group of people working for us and we are most definitely going to throw them a party when all is said and done. They truly deserve it. I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to do much else other than the house, so this is house heavy but am sharing a few things I am loving or that have touched me this week.....but before I begin I found this bag online from Kate Spade which is just so apropos for what and how I am feeling...what do you think?

HOUSE UPDATES. Oh boy, so much going on. Kitchen is really coming along and I am loving every inch. We had to put on cardboard counter tops, to get the worries, I didn't change my mind on the marble, lol! Bathrooms plumbing getting done, toilets in etc......Moldings and woodworking continues to hum along. Outside is buzzing, gutters installed, countertops going in later today in all the bathrooms, floors are starting to get stained, the breakfast room finisher is nearing the staining/limed oak finish. As you can see at every turn, something really exciting is happening...this is the fun part, finally!!

Trying out lanterns for outside...very pretty fixture, but not sure yet
I welcome your thoughts!! I like it but think I want something more French, less Gothic

Love the final finish for breakfast room!! There is one more coat and sealer to go on, but the lime finish is exaclty what we wanted...LOVE!
So warm!
Peeled back a little reveal of the floor to see how it ties in, love how it compliments the gray.

Peeking from the family room into the kitchen, coming along!
Another view from family room....I am thrilled with how its coming along FINALLY
These will all be glass fronted cabinets
Yippeee.....toilet installed in husbands bathroom! Who would have thought a toilet could make me happy?
Shower coming along......
The tub surround, this is the mold that we are using until the final piece comes in
The bare bones of my vanity and mirrored top.....
Sons number 1 bathroom nearing completion
Son #2 tub and newly installed faucet

Son #2 toilet, its staring to look like a real bathroom!
Guest bath bow front vanity, awaits countertops
Balustrades off rear stairhall just installed
Looking down from upstairs, they did a fabulous job
2nd guest bath, love the clean white and beige marble
Needs a good cleaning but you get the idea!
Coming down from 2nd floor to rear stair hall
Mud room/window seat
Kitchen powder room
Love the old fashioned pedestal
Love the polished nickel faucets
Looking from mudroom into kitchen
Pair of hutch cabinets in kitchen looking into family room

Sink wall (those are temporary facuets just to get the CO- not to worry)!

Family room

A match made in heaven....

Butlers pantry in its infancy......
Don't you love the color?
If you are doing a bathroom, I highly suggest a showerbox cut into the wall and framing it with marble chair looks so pretty and is very fucntional to keep things out of the way

WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. The first time I found out about this, my heart raced and my hair stood on end. Why? Because for so long, I was thinking of how I would eventually like to find a way to give directly to those wounded men and women coming home from a senseless war, whose lives have changed forever in ways we cannot fathom. Many who come home with severe problems, mentally, emotionally and physically. They often come home to humble beginnings, broken souls and spirits and families that need to bond again. It has nothing to do with how you feel about the war, they are doing their job and doing their part to protect our liberties and freedoms. There is no job on this earth as stoic and heroic as that one in my opinion. So this fantastic organization, founded by veterans and friends helps raise money and awareness to help these young men and women come home to recover and transition into civilian life again. Their motto is "the greatest casualty is being forgotten". I am so in awe of this project and am happy to support it. Hope you might consider doing the same. Click here to find out more. (You must read a story or will put tremendous perspective on this noble cause)

JO MALONE. You are likely already familiar with her wonderful scents, I also love the simple elegant packaging. When you are up to your ears in "house business" and every thing else takes a back seat, it is important to still try and take out a little time to do something for yourself. Shopping...whats that? One of my favorite past times has passed me by, but I love putting on a beautiful soft fragrance to give me a little lift. I like many of her scents but two of my favorites are the white tie and tiara, inspired by Sir Elton John's white scented garden, and I believe part of the proceeds still go to Elton Johns AIDS foundation. Hope they still make it! The other one I have worn for years ( don't call me an old lady) is Red roses....its so yummy and I must admit it reminds me so much of my great grandmother so it keeps her memory alive for me in a scent that we both love! Love these here to visit Jo Malone.

THE HELP. I know I touched on this a few days ago the day after I saw it but I cannot tell you enough just how much I enjoyed this movie. I am not sure what percentage of it is because of my southern roots and being able to relate to much of the storyline on a more personal  level versus how much is just that it was so well done, the characters so well chosen. I cried several times throughout, all tears of joy, sorrow and hope. It is that good, I would and will most certainly see it again. Didn't think it could hold a candle next to the book, but I was wrong. I hope you will see it too..if you have already, did you love it as much as I did? Emma Stone and Viola Davis in my humble opininon both gave Oscar worthy performances. And that Octavia Spencer, that firecracker of a woman certainly could be up for one too! Hope you will see it......

Well everyone thats about it for this Thursday. As I said have been so busy over at the house, haven't had a lot of time to discover a lot going on around me, but I am not complaining, anything just to get this done!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and I would love to know if something is exciting you this week!