Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trends...whats here to stay and whats two steps out the door?

Happy Wednesday from the beach. Man, am I relaxed, there are no words. Waking up, making coffee sitting on the deck, going back in to go on my comp while staring at the great Atlantic, wondering what seafood indulgence I will treat myself to for lunch (and dinner). It is just so wonderful to be away from the normal monotony and routine. This is indeed what the doctor ordered!  I will have to head back sooner than I was hoping probably tomorrow night but its been wonderful and hopefully I can sneak a few days again later in month before the "S" word begins. (school can hardly bring myself to say it). Summer is way way too short, anyone with me on that? My days are spent here........

Theres my little chair, bag of "essentials' and flip flops...perfection right there!
Now onto trends..........

Are you a trend follower? Or a trend trailblazer? Or a trend middle child (you know the one that doesn't commit to them but is somewhat intrigued by them at the same time)? I would say I am not a trendsetter at all with regard to design. I like what I like, don't really care if its "in" or not, and a trend will not keep me from pursuing what I enjoy and feel is right for my home. Granted, some trends are easier to warm up to than others, no doubt. However when the market is saturated with a popular trend then my exposure to it is great and there is a higher probability for me to like it if it fits into my personal design style.  Chevron or herringbone as an example is something I have loved since I knew what shapes were. Something about a herringbone floor makes me weak at the knees. The light woods, heavily influenced by Belgian design being another "trend" which I love and have loved well before they were de rigueur (Hey maybe I am a trendsetter after all). In any case today, I look at some of the current very popular trends and would love to get the pulse of my uber sophisticated readers and my really "in the know" viewing audience as to what you think is here to stay and whats on its way out the door. I happen to like many of these trends but there is no denying their current very long ride on the "trend train". So do tell me what you think,  Always fun to know!

1. CHEVRON, if you want to refer to its less trendy surname, go with Herringbone. I personally like it, feel its very overplayed however in everything from fabrics, to clothing to textiles used in pillows and anything you can upholster, rugs, you name it. There is no doubt it gives a space tremendous impact with its bold pattern, particularly in bolder or bright colors, but there can be too much of a good thing. However, give me a classic Chevron/Herringbone floor and you won't hear a peep! What do you think?

2.INDUSTRIAL CHIC. Not a look I personally ever became a big fan of but in the right Soho or Kensignton flat/loft, it could be a beautiful thing. Again I feel its very overplayed thanks to our friends, RH who mass marketed this look and then some. The steel with the reclaimed woods is a definite "look" and when it wasn't a trend, it was unique, vintage and rustically charming. How do you feel about it now that its a trend and seen everywhere?

3.IKAT. It seems like we woke up one morning and BAM everytime I turned around I was staring at Ikat in pillows, on a sofa or chair, in clothing, wallpaper, I would say it was like the "Ikat invasion". Granted its " a look' but a very trendy one in my eyes. It would  not work with my style or the decor in my home and even if I had a more transitional space/beach house or a house where this would be very appropriate, I am not sure I would have jumped on the Ikat bandwagon. But then every now and then I will see ikat pillows in navy and white and like their fresh and crisp appeal.  What do you think?

4.PALE/BLONDE/WASHED WOODS. In certain countries in Europe, light or blond woods have been part of and are the basis of their design scheme. In Belgium and the Netherlands, lighter woods are commonplace and you would have to  have to have been hiding under a rock to not recognize the powerhouse that Belgian influenced design has become. Again in part thanks to RH, this look has been seen everywhere, and has totally saturated the market. I happen to love it trend or no trend, always have. Will it stay fresh here in the U.S. or will it go until the next big thing come around?

5.STARBURST MIRRORS. I would almost be willing to hedge a bet that 1 out of every 6 remotely design conscious person has a starburst mirror. A testament to their wild popularity, gracing millions of walls from coast to coast. There is no denying that they are great looking, fun, new and decorative. But you can't open a magazine wtihout seeing them. So...are they going to stick around or is their reflection getting duller and duller by the minute?

6.KOOBU OR KUBU CHAIRS I happen to like these, they are comfortable, good looking, sturdy, and practical. Again they have become extremely popular as of late. You see them in breakfast rooms, even dining rooms and in many outdoor settings. I have to admit I could see using them next to a big over sized table for a covered porch/loggia area. I think they are quite good looking. Do you think this is sticking around or should they take a seat in the near future?

7. HORSES. You can't open a magazine without seeing a room graced with some kind of horse influence, tpyically a great big painting or sketch or photograph of a horse. Horses are BIG right now. As a former rider, I love horses with all my heart, and think they are the most beautiful animal. BUT, I just fail to see them in a space that otherwise has nothing remotely to do with anything equestrian. Most of the time, I think they just look like a trend of the moment and don't really "get" the look, it might just be me. Now if you are a equestrian, horse breeder or own a racing barn...that's a whole different story! So what do you think, will this trend gallop into the sunset never to be seen again?

8. IMPERIAL TRELLIS. Cannot recall a fabric that became as wildly popular as the infamous Imperial Trellis, talk about saturating the market! Granted, its a great print, comes in a whole host of colors, and is highly decorative but there really is too much of a good thing. I for one, got a little tired of opening a design magazine and being absolutely sure that within 50 pages of looking, yep....I would spot something with Imperial Trellis. The fabric that launched a million rooms. What do you think? Will it stand the test of time or will this look dated and like a bygone trend before we know it?

I have to admit, trend or no trend I happen to love this bathroom, and that pale blue paper

So what do you think? Whats here to stand the test of time and whats 2 steps out the door? I love to take the pulse of what all you up to the minute, design savvy readers are thinking. Let me know, and hope you have a fabulous day!!