Monday, August 1, 2011

You had me at the front door.......

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was actually quite nice, found some time to spend with good friends, got to take a long walk with Teddy, started reading a new book and of course there was plenty of "house biz" to contend with. Not to mention I was sitting on the edge of my seat with all this craziness happening in Washington! While there is so much I don't agree with, I am VERY relieved that an agreement was reached as the alternative in my eyes would have been catastrophic for our country. I am sure the markets will show their appreciation today! Now onto the fun part.......

What makes a more pronounced statement then your front door entrance? To me, it is the anchor of the house and one that can be enhanced by doing so many things. Everything from adding a pair of planters, to growing ivy on the facade, adding small amounts of statuary, a wreath, a beautiful knocker, placing a pair of stately outdoor sconces or a lantern at your entrance, etc....these all are the "jewelry" for a elegant front door entrance. Sometimes, less is more. If you have chosen as an example, a unique or bright colored door, that is making a statement by itself and If so, that might be enough. There is no perfect or one way to get it right.....there, like design, are countless formulas. Today, I take a look at many front doors I have collected over time, and while  some  are more my personal style then others they are all inspirational for one reason on another.

The possibilities are endless and in my old house I had a lot of fun constantly changing what went into my urns depending on the season and particularly loved dressing up my front entrance for Christmas and Halloween. So today is all about that first impression when you see a house and what does the front door/entrance tell you? Take a look and would love to know your thoughts and any secrets for decorating your front door that you might want to share!

This would have to be my dream front door, the ivy just makes it!
Something about the all white with fabulously detailed sidelights makes this so elegant and understated, Douglas Newby
This is so pretty! Love the ivy, pretty pediment and surround and appropriate sized lanterns for the single door
Something very pleasing about this bright yellow door, its very cheery and inviting
A beautiful pair of sconces flank this grand front door entrance, the pup is a nice accessory, not sure if I love the urns to the left, House Beautiful
Elegant, low key and classic, Goodwin and Tatum
A smaller understated entrance gets a pale aqua door and vintage looking planters, the ivy adds to the " quaint cottage feel" Hooked on Houses
I am assuming most of this plantation was added for the holidays, interesting front door, I like the black against the cool tones of the stone
This is formal yet so welcoming, Brooks and Falotico
This beautifully painted glossy red door gets a bold pair of brass numbers and hardware, elegant!
This is very elegant, love the glossy black door, the single lantern and ivy growing on the facade
This understated front door is encased with a limestone surround
This more casual front door seen in Coastal Living gets a fun color
The black was continued into the pretty planters planted with vivid flowering plants
I really the black door against the white house and the way the green really pops here
This is a pretty entrance, the pairs of planters very symmetrically placed, its pleasing to the eye
When less is more, understated and simply beautiful
This pretty stone entrance has a decorative limestone surround so it was kept simple as to not detract
Never met a black door I didn't elegant!
Being very symmetrically minded, I love the way this looks...beautiful colors too!
Beautiful wood stained front door is so stately against the white crisply painted surround, Fogarty
Perfection in my book!
Beautifully done with planters overflowing with plantations, a nice contrast to all the stone, Bacco
How about this unique pink door? Certainly makes a statement!
Love this door, this entrance, everything about it.....
Everything here is very monochromatic, I feel the topiaries should be a smidgen taller
Love the lanterns, the planters are very pretty but not sure if they overpower here?
Classic and fabulous
A dramatic entrance featuring a limestone surround and black iron door
Some choose animal statuary to flank their front door, not my "thing" personally 

And just a little front door recap.......

Have a favorite? Would love to know which and if you have any suggestions or tips you like using to create a beautiful front door! Wishing you a wonderful day.....