Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trends,whats here to stay and whats steps out the door

Good morning, I have been so busy lately, this entire week is a bit crazy. I suspect it may be this way for a while as we are racing towards the finish line for our house. (In reality the finish line is quite far away but we have a "semi finish" line we are aiming for :)
Back by popular demand, and the list continues! I heard from many of you and your voice has been heard.  Since my previous post (click here to view) was so popular and  sparked such an interesting parade of commentaries, I thought an encore was warranted. Many of you brought up other trends that are indeed really big right now and fit well into this post. So lets delve right in shall we?

WHITE SUBWAY TILES. Whether marble or ceramic, white subways....are big. Real big. They are on one hand classic and understated but on the other hand seemingly everywhere in every kitchen in every magazine. It wouldn't stop me from using them and its very likely that in fact, I  will use Calcutta gold subways, may do a big over sized one however they have never been as popular as they are this very minute. What do you think? Are subways on a fast track to extinction or here for the long haul? I think this very popular trend is here to stay.....

LINEN SLIPCOVERS Another very popular trend. Neutral earthy toned linen slipcovered chairs, white linen sofas, white linen drapes, white linen pillows, white linen in outdoor settings, white linen in the bedroom...you get the pictures, its all over the place. Especially in blogland, I feel like on any given day, you can find a few dozen posts posting pictures of white slipcovered chairs and such. I think it must have originally started out in charming French country settings, but have crossed over to more modern rooms, outdoor spaces, its everywhere! What do you think?

BOLD VIVID PRINTS AND PATTERNS. This is not a trend in that bright colors are new, but its how they are being used that makes them trendy, in this case big bold "statement" patterns. Big pops of color on pieces of furniture, drapes, maybe a painted wall, pillows. Explosions of bright colors in a pattern have never been seen and used as much as they do now. It does not at all fit into my personal style and frankly though I have seen rooms where it works, its not my biggest thrill. But I think a small touch of it in a pillow or in a decorative object can add drama and excitement to the right room. Will these bright patterns fade or do you think they will stick around?

GREIGE AND GRAY. Again these colors have been around for hundreds of years but never have they been so widely used as they have in the last few years. I happen to like gray a lot, and its immense popularity wouldn't preclude me from using it just because it happens to be popular but it would be used as just an accent as opposed to an entire color scheme. I must say I am very drawn to the "grayed" woods that have become so hot right now, and do like the combination of beige and gray together in a room, all trends aside. Thoughts?

So what are your thoughts? I always love to know! I tend to not be a trend follower unless I happen to love whats new and exciting. Even if it is a trend, that will not keep me from using it, I go with what I truly love, trend or no trend. I tend to be that way with fashion and how I dress, though I favor more classic styles with a slight twist. Can't wait to hear what your thoughts are.
Enjoy your day!