Thursday, September 8, 2011

Which would you choose?

Good morning, I am a bit off schedule lately as I am sure you have gathered. Busy days are keeping me well, busy. (almost all house biz) but with the start of school, this brings a flurry of activity as most of you know too. On top of that, when I got myself together and finally was able to allot a little time to spend over at the house, within 2 minutes of taking my 6th picture, my camera died! Ugh....very frustrating. So, instead of posting a skimpy post I am going to go back later today and will have a post on house updates and things I am loving tomorrow, better late than never, right?  In the meantime........

I always love to know what excites people, what the pulse is of all the design savvy people who are as obsessed about design and decor as I am! I have decided to run a series "which would you choose" showing choices in any one given category and asking for you to vote on your personal favorite. Today, I thought it would be fun to show you five fabulous homes. Here is where you come in.....just envision you have to pack up and move tomorrow, you can move into any one of these five homes!  In terms of locale, to make it really optimal imagine they are wherever you want them to be, coastal, city or country...your choice. Which would be your pick and why? I can't wait to hear.....

HOUSE 1. Stately 1905 clapboard colonial totally renovated. Chic, sophisticated and luxurious

HOUSE 2. Newly built Palladian style residence. Elegant, refined and inviting

HOUSE 3. Architectural gem newly built, moody, dramatic and opulent.

HOUSE 4. Very formal, opulent and luxurious Regency style residence.

HOUSE 5 Casual, elegant and refined Clapboard shingle.

Wow not a bad one in the bunch, it just boils down to personal taste and lifestyle...don't you think?  So curious to see which gets the most votes, 1,2, 3 4 or 5!! Hope you will let me know your pick and why!  Wishing you a wonderful day.